About Us

Our History

Meridian has been providing a full array of child and adult mental health and substance abuse services in the westernmost counties of North Carolina since 2003 when the organization was formally established as a private, nonprofit "spin-off' of the newly formed Local Management Entity, Smoky Mountain Center (SMC), currently Vaya LME. Dr. Donald Buckner is currently our CEO.

Meridian's Board of Directors has remained resolute in the desire to maintain Meridian's nonprofit status and associated values as well as insure that net profits would always be re-invested in services and not "line the pockets" of shareholders. The mission of Meridian is deeply rooted in an ongoing commitment to the public mental health service recipient, particularly those individuals who experience the most complex and severe psychiatric illnesses, who may be at risk of negative outcomes and/or those at risk of "falling through the cracks" of the system. Meridian chose to focus on being a provider of specialized and enhanced services. Over the years, Meridian has become stronger, both financially and in its identity, becoming one of the leading proponents of the Recovery Model in the state and carving out a valuable niche as a provider of innovative, cost-effective, high quality, rural behavioral healthcare.

Our Mission

Meridian Behavioral Health Services provides evidence-based, best practices in behavioral health care, serving the community through compassion, staff excellence, a focus on the individual's whole well-being, and community partnerships.

Our Vision

Meridian Behavioral Health Services will provide exceptional behavioral health care services, promote workplace excellence, empower its community to holistic wellness, and achieve sustainability for generations to come.

Our Values

*           Recovery is possible for everyone

*           Experienced, committed, and passionate staff are indispensable assets

*           Fiscal strength and responsible stewardship are imperative to our sustainability

*           Quality training and ongoing coaching are fundamental to success

*           Teamwork is essential and creates extraordinary results