WNC Clozapine Initiative

     The UNC Center for Excellence in Community Mental Health and Meridian Behavioral Health Services are coordinating an effort to provide support to providers in the WNC region in increasing the use of clozapine for psychotic disorders. Clozapine is underutilized in North Carolina outside of a few geographic areas near teaching hospitals/urban areas.

     This initiative includes education on clozapine and the offer of clinical consultation with psychiatrists from UNC with extensive experience and expertise in its use. Locally, Meridian will accept referrals from providers in this region to their psychiatric clinics for initiation and stabilization on clozapine over a period of 6-8 weeks. After stabilization the patient can return to the referring provider for continued care. Meridian Clinics are located in Waynesville, Sylva, Franklin, and Brevard. Patients at distances from these locations (Buncombe County) can be seen in their community and will be provided transportation to Meridian offices for appointments.

Contact: Traci Henderson 828-564-1925