Therapeutic Foster Care

The Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) program provides Level II placement for children and adolescents requiring out-of-home services due to violent/disruptive behavior and/or self-destructive behavior patterns. Clients are referred to the program by the Juvenile Justice Treatment Continuum team, social services, juvenile justice, other providers and parents.

A residential assessment is completed prior to placement documenting the referring behavior, establishing level of acuity and making initial recommendations for treatment. Children placed in TFC receive individual, group and family therapy along with Targeted Case Management focusing on life skills, processing conflicts and exploring healthy methods for managing personal needs. Regular clinical staffing and team meetings provide clinical oversight and coordination of treatment efforts toward step-down.

Therapeutic Foster Care parents provide a stable family environment, along with nurturing care that enables the child to experience personal growth and hope for the future. The clients will attend groups, family session with the therapeutic foster parent/parents and the biological parent/parents, individual session, team meetings and clinical staffing. TFC parents complete an initial 40 hour training program that includes: appropriate child development, effective parenting techniques, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid, dealing with abused/neglected children, crisis management, medication management, child’s rights and confidentiality.

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Meridian Behavioral Health Services continually is seeking individuals who are passionate about the holding hope for the youth in our communities. If you are interested in becoming Therapeutic Foster Parents please review the Therapeutic Foster Care brochure and the below information.

North Carolina Division of Social Services in conjunction with North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has detailed information regarding becoming a licensed foster care parent. If you are thinking about becoming a therapeutic foster care parent please review and become familiar with the information provided around licensing at:

For more information about becoming a Therapeutic Foster Parent please call our office at 828-631-3973 or by email at

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