"Meridian's a great place, they let us know that hope is alive and that hope's within each and everyone of us."

"I've been coming to Meridian for three years now. Without this place I would be a lost 24 year old. This place has given me tools to succeed and have a fulfilled life. Taking classes and being able to talk with someone has made living life with bipolar, PTSD, psychosis, and anxiety easier. If this place was not here I would probably be in a hospital for many months, using drugs or alcohol or end up dead. This place has given me and other people a place to have hope that life can be successful." - REC Student

I have watched a friend of mine transforming his life this past month since coming to the Recovery Education Center - from being a loner the many years I have been acquainted with him - to a divorce and sever panic and anxiety - to reaching out and connecting with people, being a support buddy with me and seeing new opportunities and positive possibilities.

What a wonderful alternative to traditional mental health services! People helping people. Healing through peer support. Our fast paced society today promotes isolation. REC promotes connection. It is helping me develop my own inner strength as well as to be there for others."